I simply bought this new tank for freshwater shrimp and I actually would recognize any advise anybody has to provide me That is…

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  1. Plants! Live plants! And start monitoring for nitrates/nitrites, and calcium hardness.

  2. You’ll need a source of ammonia to feed the bacteria while they get established and to make sure that you have enough to handle the waste the shrimp produce. Do you have a test kit to monitor ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels? If you’re not familiar with the nitrogen cycle, [here’s a guide to get you started.](https://fishlab.com/how-to-cycle-aquarium/) Adding the bacteria is a great start, this guide should help you with what to do next.

    I’d also be shopping for plants. If your local pet store doesn’t have any, there’s r/AquaSwap and all kinds of websites. Shrimp love live plants. They like to graze on the biofilm and algae that grow on them.

  3. Donโ€™t make my mistake and just directly add nano shrimp in lol nobody told me you drip acclimate them not just set the bag on top of the water then release after the acclimation adjustment I lost so many blue dream shrimps it was sad

  4. add some wood / dried leaves start growing some biofilm for them to graze on

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