1. Because I though it would be easy. Now I am constantly stressing about their well-being 😭

  2. A and F. I love to watch their teeny tiny hands eat. I think it’s so freaking cute.

  3. Because they clean my hand when I’m doing a water change and makes me feel actually loved in this cruel world

    Also shromp

  4. not sure about anyone else, but I think they are relaxing. I suffer with anxiety and a quick look over to my shrimps, seem to distract by brain and calm me down. I love them.

  5. B+C, I really love keeping nano tanks and creating environments I would want to live in myself if I were that tiny. It’s fun to watch them thrive.

  6. i like watching them eat. they’re like ants, but more entertaining.

  7. i’ve never kept shrimp before but am interested in starting and this post was super cool convincing to see! feels like a sign… so, i wanted to do a 1 gal walstad jar, is that too small for like 2-3 shrimp?

  8. They easy to care for, cool, entertaining, not picky

  9. This is the same kind I have. I can’t believe now obsessed I am with them after only 2 weeks. And one of my females came berried and her babies were born last Thursday, which has only heightened my obsession. Lol

  10. C and F: how satisfying it is to care for them and know you are helping them thrive

  11. G) All of the above. haha

  12. All of the above but I also love to watch them clean themselves! Washing their little faces, individually cleaning their swimmerets, don’t even get me started about my joy when they clean their tails!
    I love sitting down and looking for the different sizes of tiny babies or counting berried mamas!
    Ooh and when they go for a taxi ride on my snails!

  13. They have personality, comedy and drama

  14. What do you feed them?

  15. Are those white spots on tg3 glass nerite eggs?

  16. C) and also F): sometimes my cherries and my amanos box and it’s funny to watch.

  17. I tried 2 times in the past to make them breed.
    At the moment I have 2 acquariums full of red cherries…
    I often look at them and I feel happy.

  18. ABCDE

    F part 1 – I enjoy the challenge and reward of trying to make a small ecosystem they and the other critters can thrive in.
    F part 2 – I hate having money /j

  19. They make me so happy! I struggle with a lot of mental stuff which makes me so depressed and upset. I get to watch my little shrimps and I could do it for hours when I’m down. They’re the best. I also spoil the crap out of them.

  20. Nano tanks which i love and they go really well.

  21. What’s the name of this shrimp species? 🙂 so cute

  22. because nice color

  23. ABCDE

    Also F is they don’t need all the fancy foods that fish need, but are equally fun.

  24. All those reasons and: I recently spotted my first baby shrimp and they are so cute (just about 2 mm small) ^_^.

  25. Mostly B – I like to watch them eat with their little weird legs, the way they swim is really silly and funny to me

    I also like growing aquatic plants 🙂 and I’ve finally found a layout that I really like

  26. I just use them for their ability to break down things that need breaking down. Everything else is a bonus to me so no stress 😉

  27. their such quirky little animals and you get to observe their whole life cycle without intervening

  28. Started as a means to keep the enclosure tidy but now it is akin to opening booster packs of a tcg. You never know what you’re going to get after breeding.

  29. Because I want to stare at my shrimp tank more than I want to stare at my phone. And yet here we are, me at work – on my phone, but still staring at shrimp. 😍

  30. They’re fascinating. I probably give them too many lollies.

  31. Because I am an empty nester

  32. it’s fun to watch them, and feels good when they’re happy

  33. Just plain interesting

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