1. Happened to me and my shrimp made it, this looks like a wild type neo to me. Keep the bio load low and ammonia won’t spike, add a tiny bit of food once a week or so and don’t do big water changes. Neos don’t need a heater but it’ll help. Your plants will help the tank cycle. Just leave a bit of space open on the surface for oxygen exchange and light to get down in and grow some algae.

  2. So wait. You bought duckweed?! That’s like paying to get herpes.

    One of us many infected would’ve gladly provided you with plenty.

  3. It looks like a baby neocaridina species (cherry shrimp). Pretty common now and fairly hardy, if its the only living creature in your tank, it should be fine given its minimal bioload. Though since the tank is cycling, I’d be careful of the ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels as shrimp can be sensitive to it

  4. Looks like a ghost shrimp to me. They are pretty hardy, I would just leave him in there.

  5. Looks like a wild type neocaridina or young amano to me, they should be fine to put in the tank! And will work fine with other kinds of shrimp.

  6. Definitely wildtype neo. I have tons of these from not separating different colors. The head shape is not that of a ghost shrimp. They are okay in low temps, and can live in a wide variety of temps. I’ve had them as low as 70 F and as high as 80F. If there is nothing in there to eat him he will likely survive unless you are regularly adding ammonia. The bioload of one shrimp is very low.

    If you want duckweed and wildtype shrimp in the future you could likely find someone local who would gladly give you both for free. I scoop these shrimp out and put them in a cull tank that has a Betta in it and now I have too many in the Betta tank (they multiply pretty readily). Sometimes they surprise me and change color or have interesting colored offspring. Congrats on your new baby 🦐.

  7. Neat, all I ever get is bladder snails.

  8. Wow a store sold duckweed to you?? That’s kind of uncool if you ask me… I hate when stores do that… duckweed grows so fast it should always be free with a warning..

  9. You…. Bbbbbbbought…. D….d…..d…..duckweed?!?!?

  10. I like duckweed too!! I think it looks really nice mixed with my other floaters.

    I also thought I got surprise shrimps with my new plants but it was just scuds 🙁 lucky you 🙂

  11. Cherry shrimp !!!

    It’s clear bc it’s relatively young and stressed from movement.

    Give it about a month to grow and time to settle to its new environment and you’ll have a full growth red cherry shrimp

  12. Kinda off-topic, but that duckweed will grow like crazy. If you need to get rid of some of it, use a comb. It’ll save you a lot of time! 😀

    Don’t flush it down the toilet btw, it’s great fertiliser for garden plants or a great food source for compost worms.

  13. You bought what..?

  14. Looks like neo caradina / caradina cherry 🦐

  15. I agree that this is a neo-caridina shrimp, they can handle room Temps low 70s, I’ve heard of them surviving in the 50s and lower. What else you have in the tank? And duckweed can get out of control but some fish love to eat it, I’ve got goldfish and garra that love to eat it, so I feed it to that tank when my duckweed tank gets crazy

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