I drew a plan of my future shrimp tank. Any strategies?

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  1. First of all, you have skills my dude. This is a really good drawing.

    I think you could add a carpeting plant like monte carlo or dwarf hairgrass, it would also give them something smaller to sift through and shrimplets to hide in. I think it’s a great plan!

  2. Duckweed will take everything over and you won’t get rid of it. Consider other floating plants

  3. This is so cool. You’re already more organized than most

  4. Looks great. I know some have some horrid luck with duckweed but mine hasn’t entirely ruined my life yet and my shrimp love to cling upside down on the roots. I might recommend another floating plant based solely on others horror stories. Your excessive planning and organizing is my love language haha

  5. Scape-it.io has been insanely helpful and timesaving for me scaping my tanks. Definitely seconding that suggestion to avoid duckweed. I find giant duckweed is a happy medium personally, but not everyone loves it.

  6. I thought the numbers were shrimps at first lol! On that note, what kind of shrimp will you stock it with?

  7. Curious what gallon and tank are you expecting for your shrimp tank? Got a badass shrimp expert store near our house so that’s our next challenge.

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