How lengthy can shrimp final simply gon biofilm and algae within the tank?

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  1. I have three tanks with neos and amanos. I have never specifically fed them outside of maybe a zucchini slice once a month. They will find food – especially because you have live plants.

  2. They will be ok. Give them a whole algae wafer before you leave. If you want to encourage breeding, what I do is feed Pure Nordic shrimp pellets. I rotate between 3 formulas: day by day, amino sticks, and mineral. I learned this from a very successful shrimp breeder. He has all varieties of neocaradina and caridina shrimp. Check out Mark’s Shrimp Tanks on YouTube

  3. They’ll be a-okay for a week or two surviving on what’s in the tank. You could add some leaf litter (google how to sanitize the leaves) if you wanted to be extra cautious, but it’s not completely necessary.

    I would have someone look at the tank on day 5 and have them pull out dead shrimp if there are any (I highly doubt there will be).

  4. You could stick an Indian almond leaf or two in there for a little extra to nibble on whilst you’re gone.

  5. Forever, as long as there’s enough algae, they’re good.

    Reproduction may happen after a female molts, which is every 28 days (yay moon).

  6. They can go a long time. As long as you have a cycling environment, you will have food for the shrimp and their population will adjust.

  7. They will reproduce slower but in an established planted tank they can go for a long time without specific feeding.

  8. In my mind they can go forever. I set up a tank with plants and snails and such and never fed it, ignored it and the shrimp were still good to go 6 months later.

  9. I was on a 7 day vacay and had no feeder for about 150+ smallish Amano shrimp grow out tank. They survived on the algae growing on the and the subwassertang moss and some others. I wouldn’t worry about in your tank, they’ll be fine. Just feed them normally the day before so that will take care of a few days while they forage the rest.

    Most important, do not do any tank maintenance like large water changes now if you’re leaving in a few days. Should of done that a week prior unless your tank water smells.

  10. I don’t feed my planted shrimp tank often. Once a week is plenty. They have gone 3 weeks without intervention from me and they were just fine.

  11. Mine live primarily off biofilm. I add shrimp pellets and algae wafers, but not all the time. I have a heavily planted task with timed lights. The walls always have green algae right under the lights. The nerites and shrimps live it.

  12. I feed bug bites vacation food when I’m going out. It’s a really hard break a food shaped like a fly that doesn’t dissolve very easily. The snails in the shrimp like it. I’ll go away for a week with one of these, and my bigger tank wants 2

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