1. They can sense the predators

  2. Imagine your friend has a pet lion and invites you over to stay the night. You gotta sleep in the lions cage, but it’s ok he says it’s nice.

  3. You should check your Betta parameters, most shrimp don’t like them above…1

  4. With a Betta you have no chance.
    I have 2 full-sized amano in my betta tank which are bigger than the betta in length.
    They are constantly aware of him and always make sure they are facing him. It’s funny watching them rotate while doing what they do to make sure he never ends up behind them. He doesn’t pay them any attention but they haven’t let their guard down the entire time I’ve had them. They all live in a well planted 6 gal tank. with a ton of snails.

  5. Get rid of the thing that hunts shrimp

  6. They’re probably shittin bricks with a big ass betta swimming around all day

  7. I had this problem keeping shrimp with a betta too. Got about 10 celestial pearl danios instead and the tank is full of life and movement, everyone is happy.

  8. I also have a betta and shrimp tank, and if you keep predator and prey together in a single tank the latter are simply going to hide. If you want to look at your shrimp all the time, do not house them with a predatory fish.

  9. I moved my Betta to a separate tank and boom my shrimps started coming out in droves and had a ton of babies too!

  10. We’ve been keeping amanos and neocardinia with our Bettas (only ever 1 in the tank) for a few years with no hassle. No baby shrimp to speak of, but that’s what the separate neo tank is for.

  11. Comes out at night

  12. Get rid of your betta

  13. Simple. Move the beta to its own tank. I had the same issue. Now that Anchovi is in his own tank the Shrimp are all over the place.

  14. I have betta with shrimps in heavely Planted Tank… Even if he doesnt chase them they spend a lot of time hiden or near some hiding spot… Theres nothing you can do… Anyway at night is easier to spot some of them walking around…

    If you really want to see shrimps all the time, you have to make a shrimp only tank or wait for your colony be big enough só there will be always some of them in the open

  15. In a Planted Tank with hiding spots shrimps can thrive with a betta… The betta is too slow to catch a shrimp that is aware of is presence… You Just have to be aware that you probably arent going to see shrimps all over the tank só often… They are amazing finding food everywhere só they dont need to walk in the open unless they really want to…

    This is why I have a betta with shrimps tank and a solo shrimp tank as well….so when I really want to watch shrimps everywhere I look to the shrimp tank..

    Anyway my Kids have more fun trying to find shrimps and shrimpletts on the betta tank then on the other one 😂😂

    They cheer everytime the spot a few ones at the same time 😂😂

  16. Have a couple of full sized amano. Almost never see them. There’s plenty of algae to eat, and based on the half clean leaves, they’re coming out, but I’d like to see them more. Was happy to catch this vid. Seems he still finds the Betta sus.

  17. I have 3 Amano in with my Betta and the only time I see them is at night

  18. In my experience it’s best to keep small fish with your shrimp! (given that their parameter needs match) Good tank mates for shrimp are fish that:

    1. Are similarly sized to your shrimp
    2. Have small mouths (too small to bite/eat shrimp)
    3. Peaceful fish

    I keep ember tetras with my cherry shrimp and they coexist very well! My shrimp still love to hide in my plants, but always show up for dinner time haha.

    I’ll also say that the more hiding spots shrimp have, the more you’ll spot them in the open. But that’s just my experience!

    My shrimp also get along very well with my assassin snails, and absolutely loved my mystery snails. (Which have sadly passed away months ago.)

    Can’t really go wrong with snails as tank mates for shrimp, except nerites, maybe. (Only because they might eat your live plants!)

    I don’t know how bettas will fare with snails though, I’ve seen *some* success with mystery snails and bettas, but I probably wouldn’t cohab them. Some bettas will harass the snails, and mystery snails can use their foot to create a “trapdoor” or sorts. I’ve heard of fish getting clamped in mystery snail shells before, but it doesn’t sound super common. I’d definitely be cautious though!

  19. The plant to the right of the shrimp in the video, so technically to its left. How do you make it thrive?

  20. I feel this. I just bought 22 blue shrimp and they are in a well planted 15 cube with a female betta and ember/neon tetras. I see maybe 1 at a time. 4 was the max i saw. I don’t think they are dead but where they hell are they!?

  21. You answered your own question by including the betta in the video

  22. I have a ghost shrimp that does not give af he will literally swim to the top of the tank and eat the bettas food right next to him.

  23. Zucchini zucchini zucchini

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