How do I do away with this algae. Siamese algae eater didn’t eat this. Will shrimp clear it ?

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  1. It’s normal on the new Driftwood. There’s nothing to worry about it. You can brush it away. Back in the day I put Nerite snail and Siamese but missed the chance to see who munched it off. Don’t feed Siamese the fish food and they should munch on it or any other. If you feed them they’ll get used to it and ignore their natural food. Hope it helps.

  2. Wood is doing like a molting. It’s a normal cycling thing for it and it goes away in a week or 2. Just gotta let it run its course. Some bottom feeders will eat it. It’s not pretty but it doesn’t last long

  3. This is entirely normal and will pass on its own without any intervention. Biofilm occurs on wood that still has decomposing cellulose in it. Biofilm eats that cellulose. Shrimp and snails will definitely eat it.

  4. Its fungus. Normal with new wood. Mine is going through the same. It’ll go away on its own, but you can brush it off if you want. It’ll grow back.

  5. Use a toothbrush

  6. Some will say that it goes away after time… But mine has never gone away, and it’s almost a year old. The only remedy I’ve found, is pulling the wood out, scrubbing it and then letting it boil for 10 mins.

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