1. Gravel vacs I’d the only answer. Everything poops…. Most things don’t eat poop.

  2. I have my scape set up so that the current from the outflow brushes the shrimp poop to gather around the base of the plants at the back. This kinda happened by happy accident after a few rescapes, and my half-assed reasoning is that it gets trapped there, breaks down, sinks into the substrate, and helps fertilise them. I don’t use co2, or lights that are particularly expensive, and the plants are thriving so I assume it works.

  3. Shrimpy poop hole!

    Only bacteria and freaks eat poop. Clean up after your pets.

  4. Get some snails. They don’t usually eat the poop but their journeys will help break it up and get it into the water column and substrate for bacteria to process.

    Shrimp poop a lot but they eat even more. They’re generally bioload neutral.

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