1. You’ll see that after a while the population explosion lessens out one they get truly overcrowded. Whether it’s from not enough food or what, they slow down. What most of us do is either sell off the excess or get bigger tanks.

  2. They’re fine, very low bio load. With plants a ten gal can support 100 plus neos. I put 5 in a tank then end up w 100 plus then I’ll spread them out over other tanks and then keep doing that with others’ broods to keep generics strong.

  3. You’ll be fine.

    They will reach a balance and stop populating the tank so heavily once they reach population to match food available

  4. You can have well over 100 in a tank no problems, but if it’s too many for you sell them to your LFS, they may pay something like $1.50/shrimp in store credit

  5. I had a ton of fish babies that I ended up just packing them up for my grandma to take home. She later ended up loving fish so much she literally had a tank in every room of her house lol!

  6. What kind are they? Lots of people want shrimp lol

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