Hey :) I’m new to preserving shrimps! (I had two fish tanks, now one fish tank and one shrimp tank) Presently, I’m…

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  1. 20 litres is probably too small for multiple crayfish. Dwarf crayfish could probably live with shrimps but theyre still opportunists that would snatch them if they got the chance.

  2. If it’s mexican dwarf crayfish they don’t really eat shrimp (too fast for their pincers) but you can only have 1 in that tank since they claim territory and the tank is more tall than long.

  3. I would go with a bunch of neocaridina shrimp, they’re good for beginners. Cherry shrimps would be a good choice. They can withstand fluctuating water parameters a little more than others. Just know that shrimp can be a little tricky because they can go from acting completely normal with good water parameters and then just dying.

  4. I think bright yellow shrimps would look pretty 💛

  5. From what I’ve heard crayfish are assholes who will rip up all your plants. I think people have mentioned keeping dwarf crayfish in a planted tank if the plants roots are established enough so they’re too strong for the crayfish to rip up

  6. What’s the plant you have creeping up the middle back of the tank? It looks very cool

  7. In my experience, you can’t keep crayfish with anything. Granted, I have not kept all types of crayfish, just a handful, including wild ones. But all of the ones I’ve had were violent, bloody-minded psychopaths that would leap up into the water column to hunt fish.

  8. Agree had one in my tank years back with shrimp. It was 60×16 much longer, giving a bottom dweller like a crayfish room. Crayfish WILL eat shrimp if opportunity arises. Tall tanks limit that space, thus increasing the opportunity for perdation.

  9. Thank you all for the compliments for my set up c: I decided that I will put in shrimps only and they will have a bright color to contrast my scape! 🙂

  10. Quite a beautiful setup

  11. I’ve kept crayfish and I agree with what others have said, they will eat the shrimp most likely and will definitely tear up your pretty scape.

  12. You should do a nice bright color of shrimp. Will contrast great with the dark scape. Looks amazing btw. Gj!

  13. So pretty☺️☺️
    I’m cycling the exact same tank right now, can’t wait for my CRS!!

  14. DONT KEEP CRAYFISH WITH THEM. Crayfish will eat everything. If one of them molts, they will eat each other, even if they are the same size.

  15. Dwarf crayfish would work, gallons wise 20 gallons is enough in theory for one non dawarf cray (I have my one girl in a 20-gallon myself) however ur 20 gallon is unfortunately too tall they are a bottom dwelling species so they prefer a tank built more lengthwise so id suggest a dawarf because normal crays are just kinda assholes who rip up plants and eat anything they get their hands on you can keep stuff with em but know that it will eventually be food

  16. Crayfish may eat a few shrimp or all lol seen people keep them together and seen some say it didn’t work. I would be less apt to do it in a tank that small. I would test your parameters and see what kh/gh/pH look like, most people can keep neos pretty easy, just be aware of you mix colors with them they revert back to wild eventually. That’s also a good size for a caridina tanks though you would need to swap substrate to Amazonia of fluval or something that lowers pH and use distilled or ro water and re mineralize with salty shrimp. Check out marks shrimp tanks as well as flip Aquatics, both have a lot of informative videos about getting started with shrimp. Flip is also a great place to order from, I think mark only sells in the Netherland…though you used litres. Also be careful about pet stores, some are great and knowledgeable but like 80%… Not so much, will sell anything to anyone and give them questionable advice … Seen it a lot on here

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