Has anybody used the LCA All in One l Shrimp Protected Liquid Fertiliser for a low tech tank? I’ve used it twice (after every…

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  1. Yes on my second bottle now. Dose it with a syringe using .02ml per litre once a week and plants look amazing. Only have 60l tanks and no green spot algae. Never used the pump maybe it is adding too much ? not sure how much it dispenes. Would be interesting to measure. I just untaped it from the bottle and threw it in my box of random junk. Never had high nitrates as I have lots of plants and my water changes are only top up evaporation with rodi and then 10% salty shrimp gh+ /month. I am only keeping taiwan bee shrimp and they seem to be doing fine.

  2. Have you got a tds meter that is also a good gauge that your water is being contaminated by something.

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