Had my shrimp shipped in a single day precedence, USPS misplaced them. When discovered this was the state of the field.

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  1. I hate getting fish shipped in. Glad they seem to be doing well.

  2. Looks like the delivery box from “Pet detective”

  3. This is my biggest reason I won’t order fish/shrimp/etc. I understand it may be more ethical. But, gosh, it seems so stressful having to hope your pet will come in due time and in safe condition.

  4. I’ve had the same thing happen with next day air overnight UPS except they had them for 3 days ):

    Only 4 cherry shrimp survived, but luckily they were mixed gender and by the end of the year I ended up with a 100 of them.

  5. Not with fish, but this reminds me of when I had a corn snake shipped to me from a breeder off of Morph Market. I was watching the tracking the morning my snake was supposed to arrive when it suddenly updated with a delay and no ETA. I called multiple times trying to get ANY information on what was going on. Everyone just read off of what was clearly a script without actually listening to me before I finally got someone who put in an investigation ticket. Come to find out there really wasn’t a reason for the delay and the box with my snake was just sitting in the warehouse ready to go. The final person I spoke to was very kind and when I explained that there was a live baby snake in that box they got it on the next flight and I was able to pick her up within a few hours.

    Just the amount of stress I went through just to find out what was going on with my live animal that I had to pay a boatload in shipping for was huge. It wouldn’t have been so stressful if they could have given me a reason for the delay, a new ETA instead of “it’ll make it when it makes it”, and assured me my snake was going to be handled with care instead of just putting me in limbo. Bless that last person I spoke to who helped me make sure my snake arrived to me safely.

    I’m planning on ordering some fish sometime soon but that experience with shipping my snake has me really stressing out about the idea of it lol

  6. Never had this Issue with the post but every other fedex box looks like this. Glad your shrimp made it alive!

  7. I swear I have never had issues having things delivered until I order fish or shrimp, then suddenly the package gets lost, the box is handled roughly, or doesn’t get delivered until MUCH later.
    It almost makes me suspicious that they see “LIVE ANIMALS” on there and intentionally neglect the package.

  8. The usps here genuinely doesn’t care. Had a graphics card shipped to me with fragile stickers on it. I caught him on camera raising it above his head and slamming it down on the ground loud enough that I could hear it across my apartment. Another time we had a bird nest in our wreath and I put a note on the door not to knock since the wreath wasn’t stable and i heard them say “there’s no fucking nest in there” before double hand slam-knocking (also on a thin glass panel door). Then an “oh shit!” When the birds started crying. Fucker ran off before I got to him, I was pissed.

  9. Having worked in delivery, its astonishing how much faith people have in the overworked, underpaid delivery people. It suck when this happens but they dont give 2 fucks about whats inside

  10. I’ll say UPS delivers for the corp animal store I work at and besides 1 or 2 mishaps with how things were packaged we’ve had good luck. Not sure if it’s a contract the company has with ups to be gentle and deliver by 10:30am or if they just take extra care. I have worked for FedEx as a loader and don’t trust them to be gentle with anything for any reason.

  11. By the way. I used to work for USPS and there’s no such thing as “overnight priority.” There’s “priority express,” but that box just says “priority.” Express is the only guaranteed shipping.

  12. I work for USPS and honestly I would never order live fish in the mail. Packages are always thrown or dropped, like the sorting machine drops things into bins, that’s just how it works. And the clerks running the machine are usually in too much of a hurry to read the stickers on the sides or they unfortunately just don’t pay attention. And then at the destination carrier office, packages are tossed into hampers and sometimes end up with heavier boxes on top of them. And there is always a chance the box will fall into the wrong bin on the machine and end up in a totally wrong city. Honestly it’s better to go on a drive if what you want is in driving distance. Never trust my coworkers or our equipment with live animals.

  13. I’d recommend having the box held for pickup in the future.

    I’m generally ok having it delivered to my door, but in cases of very expensive or fragile orders I’ll just have them hold it for me and pick it up after work or during my lunch break.

  14. Next time use Hurry Up Shrimp.

  15. I work for USPS, that is not an overnight priority package. That is just Priority. That probably cost $15-20 to ship, EXPRESS Priority is our fastest and has a money back guarantee, would have cost $40+ depending on weight and distance.

  16. I wish I could sue the US Postal Service…

  17. They probably short staffed and have no one to deliver it. They have to scan it and gave it a reason so upper management don’t shit on them.

  18. It’s risky getting fish shipped. Find an Lfs.

  19. USPS shipping is the worst!

  20. nothing like getting my stingrays left on my doorstep mid February with snow on the ground! good thing i was home

  21. Ace Ventura on the job!

  22. Yeah.. handle with care

  23. I don’t do shipping anymore. My story of woe: they were ridiculously careless with a $1000 order of young discus in a box covered in LIVE ANIMALS stickers. It was fully insured and still arrived hot and crushed. Several of the fish were just not right from the heat and stress and died in the first 2 months. I find local or regional now and eat the travel instead.

  24. file a complaint, request they look into this. i worked for a courier service and had to deal with UPS doing this on a regular basis. fuck them, whoever did that will get reprimanded but not without a complaint

  25. I never use the USPS if I can help it. When I buy something from eBay I always ask them to ship UPS instead. Sometimes people don’t listen. I’ve lost Magic: The gathering cards and telescope equipment in the past. One time they lost a Magic card and I got a refund from the seller, he turned it in on insurance and got reimbursed, then a month later the card showed up at my house. Still waiting for that telescope after 2 years. I don’t know how they manage to fuck up so bad with addresses written right on the fucking box.

  26. Should have gone with FedEx priority overnight. The stickers mean nothing, all that matters is the service paid for.

  27. Okay so I wanna order a nice betta from a breeder I follow on socials, but I’m scared about having it shipped cross country. :/

  28. I’m so glad they survived! Poor babies.

  29. What a coincidence! I’m going through the same issue except mine never said delivered. It just says late now and has updated tracking since Tuesday.

  30. I am SO GLAD that a facebook seller set up near me for neocaridina

  31. I mean…. The fish made it… Right? I’d consider that a successful delivery 🤣

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