1. Any chance it’s muscular necrosis which is typical of ghost shrimp? That would be my guess.

  2. I don’t know ghost shrimp are just hard to get going. They’ve been mistreated so long even if you do everything right there’s a large chance they’re just going to die.

    I probably spent close to 100 bucks treating a bag of feeder shrimp that probably cost less than 20 to get my colony started. Once they get going tho they breed like mad.

  3. I tried and tried again with ghost shrimp. I have had neos for a while now, they’re extremely healthy, but for some reason I just cannot keep ghost shrimp alive. They’re just difficult imo lol

  4. Thanks for all the comments. Unfornately it looks like the only thing I can do is wait and hope they molt it off

  5. Any time I’ve had ghost shrimp they turn like this and then within a few weeks they die. I’ve only tried twice. Normal parameters but I have quite hard water so I blamed that?? I can keep and breed neos but not these bad boys

  6. Oh yeah that usually meant mine were about to pass :c I had one really interactive one that would swim to my hand and I’d hand feed him, sweet babies.

  7. Are they about to molt? My ghost shrimp turn whitish before a molt and then go back to normal afterwards. It could just be their old exoskeleton peeling away from their new one, giving the whitish color

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