1. The orange bands on the antennae and claw arms means it’s a ghost shrimp and not a whisker shrimp. I have the same problem and was told turning white indicates old age

  2. In my experience ghost shrimp are just kinda sickly. I don’t know if it’s bad genetics or what but we lost 9 of the 10 we bought. Somehow the last one became berried and had about 9 surviving offspring so we’re back up to 10. But they would slowly develop issues like white shells, muscle necrosis, etc and die off one by one. Our neos in the same tank had no issues, so not likely water quality issues.

    Oh also when we moved the last surviver from white sand substrate to black sandy substrate she darkened up considerably. They will absolutely try to blend in with whatever color substrate you have.

  3. macrobrachium sp

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