Getting uninterested in shrimp, any uncommon options for a 1.5 gallon?

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  1. Thai micro crabs. They’re INSANELY small and I love them

  2. Planaria

  3. Shrimps can’t be boring 🙁


  5. Make a paladarium with crabs

  6. Shrimp scampi, popcorn shrimp, or maybe even some shrimp on the barbi

  7. Fill the tank water higher it’s not really 1.5 gallons unless u fill it to the top. Sry this is my pet peeve

  8. How about a human hand? That’d be an unusual conversation starter for sure. Not to mention they’re plentiful and everywhere. Why, I must have seen a hundred or so just today. Not sure what they eat, sorry…

  9. I don’t, but how did the shrimps go? I’ve struggled with small containers and shrimps.

  10. Get a bigger tank. Put that tank is the other than upside down above the waterline as a “lookout” and try something like pea puffers.

  11. i love shrimp 😭

  12. Bladder snail farm?

  13. An infusoria culture to feed small fry.

  14. nothing besides maybe pest snails

  15. Seamonkeys aka brine shrimp

  16. A big fat leech

  17. School of pacus

  18. Badis badis

  19. Maybe an isopod, but the tank may not be big enough. They keep freshwater clams in small tanks like this in my local aquarium.

  20. Not much other than snails. There are micro crabs like others have mentioned, but they spend most of their time hidden.

  21. Other shrimp

  22. I came into the possession of a 3 gal tank, and turned it into a tank for fairy shrimp, clam shrimp, daphnia, and triops. Their all very active, easy to feed, and grow very quickly.

  23. The only thing I can think of would be sparkling gourami or bumblebee gobie but still you’d be pushing it for size.

  24. Drain the tank completely and make a terrarium for terrestrial isopods.

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