Freshwater Shrimps at The Aquatic Design Centre

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Whats New at The Aquatic Design Centre!
Accessible this week:
Atyopsis moluccensis – Bamboo Shrimp
Caridina gracilirostris – Pinocchio Shrimp
Caridina logemanni/cantonensis – Crimson Crystal
Caridina multidentata – Amano Shrimp
Cherax Quadricarinatus – Blue Lobster
Neocaridina david – Blue
Neocaridina david – Crimson Cherry
Neocaridina david – Crimson Sakura
Neocaridina david – Sunkst
Neocaridina david – Yellow

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26 Zennor Commerce Park, 26 Zennor Rd, London, SW12 0PS

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