Freshwater Shrimp Tank – Neocaridina

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On this video you see many shrimp hiding and feeding within the java moss. Moss can profit your shrimp to extend survival fee, giving the infants a spot to remain secure. Cover crops are Java moss and Ludwigia Repens. My 20 gallon planted freshwater group fish tank has a wide range of neocaridina shrimp and some caridina shrimp. I even have bushy nostril plecos, ember tetras, cardinal teras, zebra danios, rummy nostril tetras, glowlight tetras, and nerite snails. Some crops you’ll discover on this tank are java moss, ludwigia repens, bucephalandra, monte carlo, cryptocoryne parva, cryptocoryne mi oya, and nymphaea stellata, anubias nana . That is how I preserve my neocaridina shrimp thriving in my fish tank.

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