Freshwater shrimp & dwarf crayfish… collectively??? An experiment and outcomes…

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It has been roughly a month now since I arrange my third Blue Dream colony in a brand new tank. I added two Mexican dwarf crayfish to see what outcomes could be of the 2 species dwelling collectively. The outcomes are in…

In a effectively fed setting, there was ZERO predation. As you possibly can see within the video… they don’t seem to be afraid of the crayfish and it has ample alternative if it desired. Maybe in the event you starve the colony, predation would happen… however hungry shrimp will flip cannibal too.

Lots of my females have gone via molts and being pregnant, exposing their vulnerability with the crayfish within the space. Nonetheless no predation.

There have been 21 neocaridina shrimp put within the tank… there are nonetheless 21 right this moment… plus infants. Nonetheless no predation.

For reference functions, this tank was established with RO water and Salty Shrimp 7.5. The meals you see them combating over is Tetra Tropical Granules.

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