Freshwater Shrimp Conduct Obsereved

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Freshwater Shrimp are entertaining to look at, and on the similar time, they serve an essential goal as useful tank cleaners:
0:01 – Amano Shrimp consuming algae off Anubias leaves.
0:03 – Pink Cherry Shrimp’s meals will get stolen.
0:05 – Ghost Shrimp consuming useless Amano Shrimp.
0:07 – Pink Cherry Shrimp consuming algae.
0:09 – Amano Shrimp strolling legs shifting quick.
0:11 – Closeup Amano Shrimp strolling legs & eye.
0:13 – Amano Shrimp consuming pellet.
0:15 – Bamboo Shrimp feeding.
0:17 – Closeup Amano Shrimp eye.
0:18 – Pink Cherry Shrimp consuming algae off Lava Rock.
0:20 – Standing on filter consumption.
0:22 – Closeup Amano Shrimp carapace.
0:24 – Excessive closeup Amano Shrimp belly segments.
0:26 – Amano Shrimp hiding underneath Amazon Sword leaf.
0:28 – Pair of Amano Shrimp on Lava Rock.
0:29 – Bamboo Shrimp filter feeding.

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