Formal invitation to be a know-it-all… what would you do in another way right here? Future dwelling to caridina shrimp and chili…

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  1. Things I would do differently.

    Aim the fan to blow air across the open top of the tank and not just at 1 corner. If your goal is to cool with evap them you should be aiming for the entire water surface.

    2nd thing would be to adjust the lights down and stop blasting it with too high intensity or too long of a photoperiod. Your algae issues is because you don’t dial your lights back when you see algae.

    Third thing would be to keep up with water changes daily / weekly if this is new substrate. It’s probably leeching ammonia into your water which is feeding the algae and with the current lighting it’s just getting out of control. Especially if your using ada you should be doing a lot of water changes for the first few weeks while testing nh4.

    The algae will cover and kill all your plants. Algae is cool and all for shrimps but you can simply feed them and use a bit of bacter ae weekly to help with biofilm which shrimps prefer to eat more over the algae itself. Temps shouldn’t be an issue, I have shrimps in all my tanks ranging from 70s to 80s.

  2. Potentially too much light for not enough plants.

    Get small foreground, midground, and tall background plants (more than you think you need) and plant accordingly.

    Centrepiece can be whatever you find nice, you could reutilise the existing wood after getting any algae off, or get some nice stones.

    Big shallow tanks like yours look [[1]]( super [[2]]( nice [[3]]( when the centrepiece or other decoration comes out of the water. Maybe do that.

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