Floating vegetation dying in shrimp tank? Any clue?

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  1. Roots look great, might need more light. Gorgeous betta btw.

  2. My neos like to eat salvina roots and will drag the smaller floaters under water. Floaters going under repeatedly = melting leaves and eventually a dead floater. I rotate the salvina in my tanks so they can catch a break from the shrimp.

  3. Its possibly the lack of reds.

  4. Shrimp don’t add to bioload that much from what I hear. Just get some all in one fertilizers. Or add fish in the shrimp tank that won’t pick on the shrimp. I think bottom dwellers or african dwarf frogs will do. I have two frogs in my ghost shrimp tank. But I also dose fertilizers two times a week.

    If you are worried if the frogs will eat the shrimp, let’s just say the Shrimp was probably already sick if it managed to be eaten by am african dwarf frog.

  5. It probably is the light or it could also be the amount of nutrients aswell Maybe the shrimp are giving less than what the betta gives, I wouldn’t recommend overdosing the tank tho

  6. Based on the yellowing of the leaves, it looks like a lack of nitrogen maybe, possibly potassium? Are you adding any fertilizer to the tank?

  7. Check to see if you maybe have scuds in the tank. Scuds killed ALL my floaters.

  8. What temperature is the tank? If it’s cold, that could be a reason.

  9. Is it covered at the top? Mine were dying from the top of floaters becoming moist from condensate build up

  10. Do you have water flow on the surface?

    Floaters don’t like water movement. Chuck em in a stagnant bucket and they’ll flourish for years

    Chuck em in an aquarium with a lot of water flow and they’ll melt in weeks.

  11. Do you have a top on your tank?

  12. One thing to consider is flow. Red roots don’t like a strong flow and I imagine your lack of red light is having a big impact too

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