Flip Aquatics In Buffalo – Robert Lupton (LupDiesel) Talks Freshwater Shrimp @ The Rooster Coop

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https://www.patreon.com/RomaAquatics Rob Lupton of Flip Aquatics (LupDiesel) visits Buffalo NY and talks shrimp with the folks on the Rooster Coop. Rob tells us all about Caridina and Neocaridina, Tigers, Taiwan Bees, and so forth. This was a very academic discuss and actually well worth the watch!

Stuff in Fish / Shrimp Room:
Shrimp: Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp, Excessive Blue Bolt, Excessive Black King Kong, Blue Shadow Panda (Caridina), Black Stripe Panda, Pink Stripe Panda, Blue Bolt, Crystal Pink, Crystal Black, Pink Cherry Sakura, Pink Rili, Orange Sakura, Blue Dream Neos (Neocaridina), Blue Diamond Shrimp (Sapphire Shrimp), Black Rose Sakura, Bloody Mary, Yellow King Kong, Black Pinto, Pink Zebra Pinto, Black Zebra Pinto, mischling shrimp
Fish: Blue Moscow Guppy, Purple Grass Guppy, RREA Tremendous Pink Albino Guppy, Pink Mosaic Dragon Umbrella Tail Guppy, Pink Mosaic Dragon Dumbo Ear Guppy, Platinum Mosaic Dumbo Ear Guppy, Blue Delta Guppy, Platinum Tiger Guppy
Snails: Yellow Rabbit Snail, Orange Rabbit Snail, Chocolate Rabbit Snail, Blue Ramshorn Snail, Pink Ramshorn Snail, Pink Ramshorn Snail
Crops: Subwassertang, Java Moss, Cherry Hedge, Crypts, Swords


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