First tank and didn’t put sufficient sand and my shrimp sand is arising. How can I cease it?

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  1. Shrimp sand? The aquasoil??

    Mine does the same thing. Its pretty hard to keep a little bit of it from sifting to the surface. You can remove them with forceps or learn to like the look like i did.

  2. Because the aqua soil is less dense than the sand, it’ll always move towards the top. Honesty just leave it, you won’t be able to stop physics, and the pieces of soil will grow microscopic organisms that the shrimp will eat anyways, they’re porous and will help provide nutrients to your plants and shrimp, super beneficial! But, let’s say you take that advice and throw it out the window, you don’t like the look and want a fix, not a counter argument😂 superglue a small neodymium magnet to the end of a long stick or acrylic rod and you got yourself an aqua soil mover. The pieces of soil are slightly magnetic, touch the magnet to them, move the stick where you want and gently shake, it should knock them off the end.

  3. There’s not really anything you can do about the physical properties of the materials to stop finer grains sinking to the bottom between the gaps of larger grains. There’s always going to be some aqua soil rising to the top and some sand falling to the bottom.

  4. Agreed, leave it. If you decide to redo the substrate look into some “media bags” then cover those with the sand.

  5. If you really hated it, you could separate with some kind of strainer, put the balls in a media bag. At least know for the future you can put them in a media bag

  6. Looks like it got pushed aside pouring water in or something.

  7. I heard a magnet might work to remove it.

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