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As we speak lets go go to Shrimps Affairs store and see the Most Common Freshwater Decorative Aquarium Shrimp Species model 2 improved Shrimps Affairs model with many extra inputs from Darick Shrimps Affairs proprietor and a BIG thanks to Darick proprietor of Shrimps Affairs spending his worthwhile time to undergo with me Caridina, Neocaridina and Sulawesi shrimps water parameters and shrimp names as nicely cheers for the efforts 😀

00:00 Begin of Finest & Most Common Freshwater Decorative Aquarium Shrimps Affairs store Tour
00:45 Animation – Water Parameters for Neocaridina Shrimps, Caridina Shrimps and Sulawesi Shrimps
03:15 See Actual stay Shrimps Affairs Neocaridina Shrimps, Caridina Shrimps and Sulawesi Shrimps
03:55 See how decorative present shrimps are created from crossing, mutation, bred strategies
05:35 Shrimps Affair Darick interviewed by 987 radio station
05:55 How Darick began Shrimps Affair

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What is the best shrimp to maintain?
9 Finest Newbie Freshwater Aquarium Dwarf Shrimp
Crimson cherry shrimp.
Ghost shrimp.
Amano shrimp.
Blue dream shrimp.
Snowball shrimp.
Bamboo shrimp.
Babaulti shrimp.
Crystal pink shrimp.

Are shrimp simpler to maintain than fish?
Shrimp are simpler to maintain than fish, however they’re much extra delicate to modifications of their water chemistry.

What’s the distinction between caridina and Neocaridina shrimp?
Sadly, no one might actually reply the query. Neocaridina differs from Caridina in form of the endopod of male first pleopod. In Neocaridina the endopod is pear-shaped and the appendix interna (if current) is situated close to the bottom of the endopod. In Caridina the endopod is extra “go away” formed and in virtually all species this appendage is tapering in direction of the distal finish. The appendix interna (if current) is situated close to the distal finish of the endopod.

What’s the hardiest freshwater shrimp?
Crimson cherry shrimp, Amano shrimp, and Ghost shrimp are fairly hardy shrimp and good for a newbie. They’ll tolerate a variety of situations and may forgive you some errors.

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Caridina and Neocaridina shrimp names to share with all:
– Golden Boa Shrimp
– Crimson Boa Shrimp
– Stardust Boa Shrimp
– Galaxy Tiger Shrimp
– OEBT Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp
– Galaxy Fishbone Shrimp
– Nanacy Shrimp
– Wine Crimson Shrimp
– Mosura Wine Crimson
– Black King Kong Shrimp
– Hearth Crimson Shrimp
– Blue Fantasy Shrimp
– Blue Diamond Shrimp
– Full Blue Shrimp
– Orange Rili Shrimp
– Black Rili Shrimp
– Sunkist Orange Shrimp
– Golden Yellow Crossback Shrimp
– Crimson Rili Shrimp
– Snowball Shrimp
– Crystal Crimson Shrimp
– PRL Pure Crimson Line Shrimp
– PBL Pure Black Line Shrimp
– Crimson Fancy Tiger
– Nanacy Fishbone Shrimp
– Hole Ghost Eye Shrimp
– Black Fancy Shrimp
– Crimson Noticed Pinto Shrimp
– Blue Base Pinto Shrimp
– OEBT Golden / Orange Eye Black Diamond Shrimp
– Black Galaxy Shrimp
– Flame Moss for Shrimp
– Stardust Shrimp
– Sulawesi Shrimp
– White Socks Sulawesi Shrimp
– Harlequin Sulawesi Shrimp
– Galaxy Sulawesi Shrimp
– Celebes Magnificence Sulawesi Shrimp
– Blue Leg Poso Sulawesi Shrimp
– Tigris Sulawesi Shrimp
– Yellow Cheek Sulawesi Shrimp
– Yellow Nostril Sulawesi Shrimp
– Pink Boxer Sulawesi Shrimp
– Crimson Orchid Sulawesi Shrimp
– White Orchid Sulawesi Shrimp
– Sulawesi Snails
– Orange Poso Sulawesi Snail
– Golden Noticed Sulawesi Snail
– Mini Poso Sulawesi Snail
– Ivanacara Adoketa
– Zebra Cichlid
– Apistogramma Cichlid
– Agasizzii Apistogramma Cichlid
– Agassizzi Tefe Crimson Cichlid

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