Finest fish to manage Shrimp inhabitants?

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  1. Honestly, I find that the shrimp population levels itself out. Idk exactly how it works, but I’ve never had a problem with overpopulation. I personally wouldn’t worry about it!

    & The one in your photos is female.

  2. Why do you want to get rid of them? Do you not like the look of a large colony?

  3. It seems my emperor tetras leave the shrimp alone that already were in the tank when I added them, but they will eat any new shrimp added to the tank. That probably goes for many other fish as well.

    I would not bet on that for population control though, you risk one of two situations: the fish do not eat shrimp at all, and you still get 100+ shrimp, or they eat shrimp and end up eating all of them including the adults you got.

    You can just let them multiply, and then put the excess up for sale, or occasionally give your other fish a treat. I also prefer looking at a a tank with 100+ shrimp, instead of a tank where you may or may not see one of the 8-10 shrimp

  4. Most small fish will eat shrimp babies and stop the population growing. My girlfriend’s cull tank has one scarlet badis that she barely has to feed because most of his diet is baby shrimp

  5. You can sell your shrimp to other people in the hobby in your area, or even to a lfs at a discounted rate if you don’t want to put in the effort of finding interested direct buyers.

    There is a ton of demand for cherry shrimp right now, so I expect you can find people interested in adding some of any level of quality to their set up. I have personally sold hundreds, but I’m in a very densely populated area.

  6. Don’t worry. The neons will make sure most of babies won’t survive. They just leave the large ones alone.

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