Far left is the newest. Eager to get Amano shrimp. Simply attempting to get these parameters down. Any concepts on the KH…

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  1. Buy a cuttlefish bone from the pet store (they are given to pet birds so lol in the bird section) and put that in the water. It will float and help get those parameters to the right levels

  2. The kh is really high and it shouldn’t be higher than gh, seems like you have a type of rock that’s leaching carbonates into the water

  3. I suggest spending a bit on a liquid test kit. Much more accurate compared to test strips. Amano shrimp are pretty hardy they should be fine.

    Gh is mineral content dissolved in water like calcium magnesium
    Raise gh by remineralize with something like equilibrium
    Lower gh by water change with rodi water

    Kh is carbonates and bicarbonates in water
    Raise kh with baking soda
    Lower same way with rodi water

    Crushed coral also could be used to increase both kh and gh

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