1. scavengers gonna scavenge heh

  2. Shrimp are WILD. I watched as one stole an ENTIRE algae wafer from my bristlenose pleco once. My pleco looked so sad lol

  3. Oh dear that’s kind of scary. But, it happens.

  4. Has anyone seen Stephans King’s IT :-). Poor little Georgie

  5. I imagine him saying “oh yeaaaah, you’re going nowhere” like macho man.

  6. I’ve lost two ottos in my tank to the point I’m convinced their dead. Reckon the amano have plucked them clean to the point where I can’t notice it.

  7. This is the most amano shrimp thing I’ve seen-

  8. “I’ll just take this. Thank you” 😂

  9. Hey he has wife and kids (about 400) to feed too

  10. I find a guppy fry in the clutches of an Amano once in a while.

  11. I laughed out loud. That fish is a goner

  12. Good lord 😂

  13. Blue Gourami was like *anyone seeing this shit*.

  14. Poor molly 🙁

  15. the molly’s eyes and flailing of his tiny little fins is what gets me the most, he knows he’s fucked haha

  16. Amanos gonna amano

  17. “Don’t mind if I do”

  18. r/donthelpjustfilm

  19. Straight out of a horror film lol

  20. I went on holiday for a week or so in summer once and left my small tank with just one bristlenose and a bunch of cherry shrimp which had been happily together for ages, and a few bastard worms that accidentally came in on weed a few weeks earlier. I come back and worms are everywhere and there’s some weird white plastic thing in the corner of the tank. Takes me a while to work out it’s the catfish skull and bones.

  21. No hate on the shrimp doing his thing but if your fish is on the way out why not euthanize it and put it out of its misery?

  22. 😱

  23. Saw a ghost shrimp do this too a guppy once. Truly Horrifying 😂

  24. Silver one is like, “ I think I witnessed a murder”

  25. He’s saving him, right? Right?

  26. Straight up like a horror movie

  27. We had a guppy die over night one time. Woke up the next morning and we couldn’t find it. Turns out the snails ate him, and all that was left was the cartilage. 👀 Nature is crazy like that.

  28. Amano shrimp have incredible strength at their size

  29. That was ruthless :'(

  30. Don’t laugh don’t laugh don’t laugh….

  31. Get your hand in there and get the molly out and euthanise the poor thing

  32. “hehehe YOINK”

  33. He looked frightened

  34. This definitely belongs in r/natureismetal

  35. If they don’t take too long I usually let them eat dead fish. They only leave bones.

  36. This is horror movie material

  37. Gourami like “😨”

  38. Shrimp be like: Snatch, its mine now!

  39. I kinda care about my fish and would have tried to save it… Meh just me I guess

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