Episode 9

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POLARIZING LIGHT STRIPS – Mr.Wizard reveals Leila how polarizing filters work with the passage of sunshine. JET PROPELLED BOAT – Jason is kneeling behind a young children’s wading pool. In Mr. Wizard’s hand is a plastic bottle which can signify a jet‑powered boat. Connected to the bottle with waterproof tape are two nails which function a ballast. On the facet of the bottle is an appendage manufactured from the tape. In the back of the bottle is a tiny gap. See how Mr.Wizard propels the boat. FAT MICE – The mouse on the left is rather a lot heavier than the mouse on the proper. That’s as a result of it’s been bred that approach. Forty generations of in-breeding have produced a pressure of mice which might be from 50 to one hundred pc heavier than regular mice. UNDERWATER SAFARI – Mr.Wizard and Leila discover aquatic life in an aquarium. They discover and watch a dragonfly nymph, leech, and freshwater shrimp. BEE STINGER: Is it true {that a} honey bee dies after it stings you? Mr.Wizard explains. ROCK TUMBLER – Billy inspects two rocks. One is jagged. The opposite was as soon as jagged however after a couple of thousand years, water with tiny grains of sand slowly wore away the tough edges. SPIDER’S TRAP – A backyard spider spins an internet to catch its prey. When a grasshopper lands within the internet, it will get caught within the sticky strands and may’t escape. Instantly, the spider begins wrapping the grasshopper in a silken shroud. COMPUTER SHIELD – Stacey and Mr. Wizard are enjoying a pc recreation. They cease and he removes the highest of the pc. She notes a chunk of aluminum. Mr. Wizard says the pc acts as a small TV station. The aluminum is a protect that forestalls the pc from interfering with different tv units. MYSTERY OF THE MOUNDS – You’re mountain climbing within the woods and instantly there up forward you see a mound rising up from the flat nation facet. You acknowledge it instantly as one of many greater than 100,000 Indian mounds discovered all through the Mis¬sissippi Valley and the Nice Lakes Space. Nobody knew for certain who the mound builders had been till archeologists went inside and located rooms that had been clearly burial chambers. For whom? BOIL WATER with ICE CUBE – Tanis examines a flask with water boiling in it. She tells Mr. Wizard that water boils at 100º Celsius. Mr.Wizard provides that this holds true at regular atmospheric strain. Molecules of air are urgent down on the floor of the water. If the atmospheric strain is larger, it can take extra effort to push the water molecules up and away from the floor. See how they decrease the strain.

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