Effectively…the shrimp aren’t being sucked up the consumption at the least…

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  1. Extra filtery now lol

  2. 💀nitrates go down tho

  3. Hahaha even better than a sponge! If it’s a shrimp only tank really it’s not hurting keeping it there!

  4. I always find shrimp in the filter regardless of what’s on the intake, I think they like it in there

  5. If I don’t hate that plant so much I’d almost think it looks quite beautiful

  6. I would be a little worried about the filter engine burning out from having to suck so hard, and I’m only saying that out of experience

  7. I don’t know why that gives me the shivers…

  8. What plant is that?

  9. Nitrate deletion hack

  10. I hate duck weed. Is that duck weed?

  11. I 3d printed a sponge pre-filter for my fluval 306 intake for the duckweed and the shrimp. The flow velocity is low enough that the duckweed doesn’t stick and the shrimp can safely feed on top.

  12. It’s mechanical and biological filtration!

  13. Careful, enough stuff blocking your filter can ruin the impeller!

  14. Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia

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