Domestically collected freshwater shrimp?!

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100 gallon freshwater group tank with an assortment of fish. 20 gallon breeder tank has guppy fry! Each indoor ponds have solely guppies in them as nicely! Stay vegetation! Anubias barteri, Horn wort, Anubias petite, Bamboo, Ludwigia, Ivy, Java moss. Loaches, Tetras, Bettas, Raphael catfish, Corydoras, Guppies, and tons of Guppy Fry. Come be part of the journey from a silicone failure claiming half my fish, to constructing my very own fish retailer! Please like and subscribe for extra fish content material! There are ASMR movies, narrative movies, diy movies, go away a touch upon what you need to see! Thank You!

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