Does this unknown shrimp look acquainted to anybody?

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  1. Ya, that’s my shrimp. I left the lid open and he got out! When can I come pick him up?

  2. Has the shape but not markings of an amano. I don’t know.

  3. Snow amano

  4. thats my buddy carl

  5. is he in trouble with the law? damn shrimp, always pullin shit.

  6. Donโ€™t trust him. Motherfucker stole $3.50 from me

  7. You got a deal if it’s a snow amano and not a neo, depending on your LFS’s prices that is.

    Good news is one amano eats like 15-30x the amount of one neo.

    Bad news if you wanted them to breed as amanos hatchlings only survive in brackish water and even then it’s considered extremely difficult to breed them.

  8. It is Frank. Frank is somewhat of an asshole. But adorable one.

  9. Yes thats steve, i was looking for him.

  10. I have a shrimp just like him!!! Ive been trying to ID him for a long time, mine is ร—2 the size of the rest of my shrimp (various crystal shrimp). The snow Amano was a random hitchhiker that arrived in a bag of fish at work, so I scored him for free ๐Ÿ™ƒ

    Does anyone know if the Snow Amano puts my other shrimp at risk?

  11. One of my Amanos looks like that and so far almost 2 in, wouldnโ€™t be surprised if it got to 3โ€ at some point

  12. He kind of looks like a guy I drank with in high school, his name was Jeff

  13. Never seen them irl but was going to say amano. Might be a hybrid aswell. Or something else completely

  14. Looks like she maybe an Amano shrimp. They are the best for eating algae. They won’t reproduce in fresh water, though.

  15. It’s Yamato shrimp, aka amano.

  16. These are snowball shrimp, one of the many neos

  17. Pretty sure I saw this guy on the back of a bottle of fish food.

  18. Is that a bag of hay?

  19. Why do you have a bag of hay in your tank? Doesn’t it just rot in the water and cause a crazy spike in ammonia and nitrates? I am just really puzzled, I’ve never seen someone put hay In an aquarium before? Really confused, so if you could please tell me the reasoning behind this I would greatly appreciate it.

  20. my neos are like these, so I assume itโ€˜s the colorless variant of the wild types? Not sure, I got mine from ebay for cheap.

    edit: could be neocaridina palmata, or just colorless davidi if itโ€˜s even possible

  21. Unfortunately, Reddit will not allow me to edit….

    Anyway, thank you all for the answers. After further investigation, I believe they are Snow Amano Shrimp. The shop has not had any in since May, but he kept calling them “Snow Ball Shrimp,” which led to the confusion.

  22. It’s a snowmano! I have one I got unexpectedly too; it’s just a (relatively new from what I understand) white variant of an amano shrimp. Really cool imo.

  23. I was just looking up the difference between amano and bamboo shrimp and that line down the back tells me it’s a bamboo. I have some in my tank

  24. Frank? Is that you?

  25. Not quite a rifle shrimp

  26. I thought the third picture was a close up of its body.

    How do you know females from males without the markings ๐Ÿง

  27. Damn, that’s Greg

  28. Ghost shrimp

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