Does this concept for a hardscape look okay or is it type of foolish? With some moss on high of the driftwood. Shrimp tank.

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  1. Sweet idea! That’s going to look dope with some moss and plants! If looking different was silly we would all have the same boring tanks lol. Keep it silly 😜

  2. Its only silly if you think it is.

  3. That looks cool! Go for it.

  4. That looks really cool, the light in the center will accentuate the tree well. Word of warning with that tank, if it’s the same one I’ve had in the past, you’ll just need to be careful about evaporation since the filter intake is in that block at the top. I had to constantly add water to it to keep the filter running since my room was so dry. Otherwise, best of luck!

  5. I think it’s beautiful. The tank looks way bigger than it is. An optical illusion I’d say. I think that the wood would look amazing with some plants tied onto it to make it “tree” like

  6. Love it, I think it’ll look really great with moss

  7. I think that’s perfect for this tank. Its really easy to crowd this tank too much.

  8. the light is hella close

  9. You can make just about anything look good if you plant it right

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