1. I don’t agree that surface agitation makes a bubbler redundant. 1. In smaller bodies of water, surface agitation provides less and less oxygen to the environment. Where bubble transfer provides between 67-95% of oxygen in an aquarium (Studies have been done, but far as I can see, smaller the body, the more bubble transfer matters. In a small lake for example, it’s 67%, and I believe 95% was in a 10gal tank.)

    2. A lot of the time, a filter isn’t enough surface agitation to keep biofilm from forming on the water, which is a lot of posts in here tbh.

    Probably not NEEDED. But not a bad idea in general, and it looks nice.

  2. No, you don’t need bubbles.

  3. I would start off carefully seeing that you’re a new shrimkeeper( if I understand correctly)

  4. The more the water moves, the more oxygen it has. A bubbler moves it a bit but a filter does the job better

  5. If there’s a filter, as long as its output disrupts the surface, then all good, a separate airstone/bubbler would be redundant.

  6. Flow and bubblers – air in the water – usually helps the water quality stay good for plants and animals – so when people say that shrimp or bettas or whatEVS doesn’t like it I tell them to eat their spinach. 😉

    It won’t hurt them to have air and flow – they get used to it. It may hurt them not to have flow and air…

  7. Shrimp are sensitive to water parameters. Without a bubbler, the water in your tank will be divided into many different environments. Different parts of the tank will produce different temperatures, oxygen retention, and other sorts of unmeasurable parameters.

    This all happens in a classic tank with a filter but it is exacerbated by lack of water flow. An air stone will create a light flow throughout the entire tank. This flow will reduce the amount of different areas in the tank. I would just run a small sponge filter. It will host all sorts of things your shrimp would love to snack on.

    Edit: there’s also nothing wrong with throwing a few in and seeing what happens. They should be fine if you have a heater to stabilize the temp somewhat.

  8. I have a 2.5 gallon without filtration or bubbles with 7 red rilis and two of them are almost ready to pop their berries

  9. I went a year without an airstone and everything was fine, but then decided I wanted floating plants so I added an airstone and re-directed the output nozzles towards the glass so to create the least water surface agitation, and put the amazon frogbit in a plant corral on the other side of the tank. The frogbit is thriving. I think it just all depends on your setup and what you really want to accomplish. In my 55g I just set up I’m using 2 hob filters. One being a seachem tidal 110. Between the 2 of them it creates too much surface agitation so I’m going to just run the tidal so I can have frogbit on the other side of the tank

  10. My neos re fine without a filter or bubbler, but there are only plants, shrimp, and snails in there.

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