1. Males do it more often than females since they will go looking for females to mate with when they get ready to shed. The females release pheromones and the boys go bonkers

  2. They roam like this when the females are ready to breed because they’re releasing their pheromones into the water. And then the males will run around the tank for the week or two following trying to find them. It’s a normal cycle

  3. Cool ship decor, all the ones I’ve seen are either too big or pretty bad looking. When I first got my shrimp they cruised around the tank a lot, exploring and getting used to things I assume. They chilled out later on. Males will do it after a female molts. If all your shrimp do it for too long, or start randomly sometime after they’ve settled in, in might be a sign your water parameters got messed up. But for right now I wouldn’t worry about it.

    Edit: I currently have an island style aquascape. I’ve noticed with the extra swimming room my shrimp swim more than before, because they need to go longer distances between some surfaces. If one gets bored of grazing on one side of the glass, it’s not unusual for it to swim to the opposite side of the tank for a preferred spot. Most likely your shrimp are just getting used to their new home, but with your current setup I wouldn’t be surprised if they continue to cruise around from time to time.

  4. Mine do after water changes

  5. It’s normal behavior if they are new to the tank.   
    Mine so the same whenever they are in a new tank, new water. 

    Not normal if they have been in it for say, a week or so.

  6. Love the tank!

    Yes normal, tomorrow you will be massaging here asking why they are not moving 🤣 …been there trust me.

    They are exploring

    To be sure check gh and kh

  7. If they’re all frantically moving around it can be a sign the GH is too low or too high and they’re trying escape unfavourable water conditions but this looks like you just newly put them in the tank and they’re exploring

  8. They getting ready to set sail! Captain’s order!!

  9. I’ve had shrimp for like 3 weeks but mine will do that on occasion, like maybe I’ll see one moving around like that once every few days. I would start worrying if they don’t stop by tomorrow or friday though.

  10. That’s normal after a big change like moving to a new tank.

  11. Two weeks ago I bought some new shrimp for my tank, they all molded within days and I think that makes all the males go wild for the females.

  12. How long has the tank been set up?

  13. They are new to the tank and are stressed so they are running around the other occasion they mat do this in when ready to bread but in this case I think it’s stress

  14. If only males are doing it, then it’s horny carroussel, but if also the females are swimming like this, it might be terror carroussel and you need to check your parameters.

  15. I’ve had my shrimp for 8 months and they live in a 29 galloon planted tank with a betta. They are very active. I see a few swimming or climbing the walls but otherwise they all keep hidden until they want food then they all congregate on the food grate and I drop some snello for them. Haha!

  16. They’ll definitely do the zoomies in a new tank. How did you acclimate them? We’re they bought locally or shipped to you?

  17. Make sure your tank levels are good, otherwise it may just be stress. Breeding will also make them act like this

  18. When they are exited, they move a lot. Reason for the exitement could be arousal, when the females just molted and are receptive, the males go nuts like if on drugs.

  19. Horny :)))

  20. This is just breeding behavior nothing wrong about it another thing is having white sand might make the shrimps lose some color

  21. They are searching for better water quality

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