Day 1 of my new Fluval flex 9 shrimp tank

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  1. I Put some foam filter media in the intakes and a small piece in the outflow pipe to slow the movement.

    Going to let it cycle until Halloween or so before picking up a Nerite and 10 blue dream shrimp.

  2. Looking good.
    Check Etsy for some 3d printed grate covers and get a small 3d net to fish out any shrimplets from the back sump area. There are also spray bars that will slow down the outflow

  3. ohhhh i’ve been wanting to get a Flex!
    looks great!

  4. Very nice! I just set up a shrimp tank last night myself!

  5. The pumps on all the flexes are strong enough to make a river tank I have the pump from my 9 gallon in my 32 and a small fountain pump in my 9 gallon

  6. Looks great, with a 9 gallon you could have a couple nano fish in there as well! Have you considered adding a beta or a pea puffer/ maybe a small school of chili rasboras or celestial pearl danios?

  7. Make sure you foam up those bottom filter intakes. I had Amano shrimp living there best lives in the back of that sump for months.

  8. I have the 15 gallon. Thanks for reminding me to check the intake for my missing shrimplets.

  9. What kind of substrate are you using?

  10. I hope your fluval shrimpy boi does well!

  11. I want a flex, but I like to go topless.

  12. I loved mine it was my very first tank. I was tired of shoveling shrimp out of the back so I bought a rimless tank after that. I had filter mesh inside the stock gate and it wouldn’t stop them. Fingers crossed for you!

  13. Man I miss my shrimp tank. Congrats, it’s gonna be a fun tank!

  14. what’s the plant on the bottom righ?

  15. ok so

    I got this tank myself

    and let me tell ya, the light is ANSOLUTELY HORRIBLE

    I strongly suggest you get a different/better light for it. I use the hugger 14w and it’s amazing

  16. Looks good but needs more hiding spots as plants plants plants))

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