Crossbreeding Blue Tiger Shrimp and Black King Kong Shrimp Replace 2

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Crossbreeding Blue Tiger Shrimp and Black King Kong Shrimp

I’ve been engaged on crossbreeding my orange eye blue tiger shrimp with my black king kong excessive shrimp.

After just a few months they’ve what seems to be efficiently crossed. The F1 era of infants have related patterns to the bkke with the white tail spot and head spot. There are additionally fairly just a few which have 1-3 white stripes on them.

This will likely simply merely be a low grade black king kong excessive, or black king kong on the whole, solely time will inform in the event that they begin to blacken up.

The infants are a lightweight blue coloration as of proper now however might darken up time beyond regulation to be the standard black king kong blueish black coloration. Not one of the shrimplettes present indicators of getting the orange eyes. This leads be to consider that they might merely be from a bkke father and bkke mom.

Both means it is going to add to the additional chance of a profitable cross later throughout the crossbreeding venture.

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