Could you please assist me establish these 3 shrimp in my 5 gal freshwater tank I received Amanos at petco and I’ve babes they…

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  1. I think they are wild type shrimps. Something you could get from mixing cherry shrimps with blue shrimps.

  2. Yeah, definitely wild type neos!

  3. This is what a real one looks like, if you care to want them I’d return them if they actually sell any that looks like that. Their suppliers are either clueless or being deceptive.

    As a rule of thumb, search on your phone while you’re there for anything you’re about to buy to compare it.

    [Amano shrimp](

  4. all three are wild type neocaridinas, same species as cherry shrimp.

  5. No. Those are not Amanos.
    Many sellers tend to trick us so badly just because it’s more expensive.

  6. IMO wild type neos are gorgeous

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