Clear bladder snail with white dots. I’ve shrimp solely tank with the bladder snails. At this time i observed this odd…

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  1. Idk what it is but that snail looks magical as heck

  2. I hate bladder snails, BUT that one….. I would love those. It’s probably just some kind of albino.

  3. It is a pond snail. They have triangle ears and are larger than bladder snails. They are also sparkly 🙂 they’re asexual reproducers so people call them pests but I really love them and just let them be. They just look like smushy sparkly bunnies to me.

  4. Looks like a very young pond snail(Lymnaea Stagnalis), but missing its normal brown coloration. Its also got spots like a bladder that i haven’t really seen before.

    honestly for how weird it looks i would keep it and try to breed it. but probably not in your main tank as that species gets bigger than many other snails and eats live plants on top of algae.

  5. It’s a pond snail not a bladder snail. That’s normal for them, so no worries there

  6. Throw a pokeball at it….. Just incase, ya know

  7. Real life shiney pokemon right there

  8. There are people out there (including me) who would pay a pretty penny for one of these

  9. These snails reproduce by themselves, put in in a small container with aquarium water and see if some offspring come out the same then do the same again with the best looking offspring. If you keep doing it you could get a good amount of them with little effort.

  10. I like that one

  11. Man How come MY pond snails don’t glow purple!!!!???? And with Sparkles too!!!

  12. I’d keep it and hope for more

  13. I mean…if these breed, u could probably sell them pretty quickly. Since they r like magical unicorn snails n all

  14. The white spots are just iridescence, not fungus.

  15. Radix peregra, also known as Wandering snail, come in a lot of gorgeous colors! Back when I lived cross country, I would find shiny yellow ones that looked like they were made of glitter, and their shells were spotted! It’s an incredibly lovely species, cherish it! They’re hard to find in some places!

  16. He’s cute as heck. Please protect him OP purely cos he’s adorable

  17. Nothing wrong with him. The spots on his body are called iridiphores and are also on axolotyls. Their shells can also have varying levels of opacity. Enjoy your fancy looking snail.

  18. Kiss it and see if it will grant you wishes

  19. This thing is so cool. Like an alien from outer space 👽

  20. I wish my pest snails looked this pretty. 🥲

  21. Don’t remove it. Sell it on the internet to some sucker for $500

  22. Please upload a video of this magical being moving around! I’m sure that this sub would upvote the hell out of it!

  23. Just give him some mystical/cosmic/magical name and start an insta page for him


    Sir you have a goldmine here…if you manage to reproduce these and they look the same.. you’re set to make bank! Keep us posted!!

  25. OP, if you have more in this colour, would you sell some to me?

  26. You should defintly breed her, she looks so awsome. I bet many Zoo Shops would buy them

  27. It’s beautiful 😍

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