1. Looks cool. I have a bowl right now that I just redid

  2. I have many nano aquariums around this size. Some even with fish. This bowl looks really nice too and I lowkey want one instead of the common jar/plastic container/bookshelf nano tank I tend to go with when doing nano aquariums.

    They are incredibly easy. It’s even easier once you start stepping away from buying everything and just going out to lakes, ponds, and even rivers and collecting what you need from there. As long as you give nature what it needs, it can grow and thrive comfortably and happily

    Just know, no mater how well you keep them and how happy and thriving your fish/shrimp/snail is. You are an animal abuser to everyone here. You can have the most balanced, thriving ecosystem in that bowl, doesn’t matter, everyone will call you an abuser for putting animals in something this tiny. If it’s not 5gal or more, you are an abuser. That’s kind of the nature of people on here.

  3. No heating should be ok as long as there are no significant temperature fluctuations. Above 70° is definitely preferable for them to be happy and healthy. As far as filters go, it’s very risky to have such a small tank with no filtration since the parameters can change so fast. When I had a one gallon shrimplet grow out tank, I used [this](https://www.chewy.com/sungrow-betta-fish-turtle-sponge/dp/314453?utm_source=google-product&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=12700039114&utm_content=SunGrow&utm_term=&gclid=CjwKCAjwivemBhBhEiwAJxNWNwEDcgPuTJEAbfaWnc4Doc5bTFTuAysET-BgoLTrblmdaZ7Sc1a4rxoCCqsQAvD_BwE) tiny sponge filter and it worked just fine

  4. oh my so cute!

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