1. Most caridina Babys feed on algae and microorganisms in a well established environment. So be patient. You will see improved survival rate over time 🙂

  2. Maybe add some calcium…? While shrimp need it for their exoskeletons all animals and plants need it for growth. Could be there’s just enough for adult molting but insufficient for the babies to develop property and grow new exoskeletons. Just a guess, but making sure there’s enough calcium is so easy it’s a shame not to try it or make it part of a regular tank addition.

    My method: I make an egg sandwich. Then remove the membrane from inside the shell (the membrane contains anti-bacteria substances, something we do not want in a tank where we are promoting bacteria growth).

    I boil the shells for about 10 minutes. This removes all the stuff on the inside and outside of the shell we don’t want in our tank (soaps and chemical washes mostly). Remove and cool the egg shells. Then I just break it up in my hand and drop it in the tank.

    The shell pieces from one chicken egg should be enough for a tank your size. The nice thing about using natural sources of calcium: egg shells, cuttlebone, crushed coral, etc is they will not release more calcium into the water then is needed. Dosing with bottled calcium additive might add too much/more then is needed.

    The shell of one egg should last a few months. Once it’s mostly dissolved…just make another sandwich 😁

  3. Also, I fee that your pH is slightly on a lower side. Try to keep it in the range of 6.8-7 and gH around 5. Temperature seems to be perfect just ensure that there are no sudden changes in water temperature during the day or water change. I would also recommend to keep plants and hiding spaces away from filter. And as pointed out be patient. Good luck!

  4. What powered food are you feeding? I like BacterAE for my shrimp tanks. I have a tank of caridina X bees which I feed a little more of the BacterAE when I know there are batches of newborns in the tank.

  5. AdA releases ammonia so even if the plants are consuming it the babies may be being exposed.

    Another thing is they may need powdered food so they don’t miss out

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