child black molly meets new pals! (extra information on black molly, algae and shrimp in feedback)

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  1. “Hi!”…..”nomnomnomnomnomnom”….

  2. baby black molly is in my red cherry shrimp tank because it was way too tiny to go in my miscellaneous accidental fish tank (it was smaller than that when i got it). The reason why i have a tank for that specifically is because i work at a pet store and obviously we have livebearers, so we’ll find baby fish that got sucked up in our filters and ends up in the bottom container where the filtration occurs. We can’t sell them so i take them home to care for them. This is temporary so he’ll be with the fish when he’s big enough. I had 2 cherry shrimp in my tank and just got 5 more today, so that’s why they’re his new buddies. There’s algae on the glass there because i didn’t want to disturb the java moss right against the glass.

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