1. Looks fine to me. The stripe and spots become more visible as it gets acclimated

  2. It’s definitely an Amano. They move around like they’re on crack it’s hilarious to watch. They’ll fight over food with each other and even grab food from fish

  3. Yes. It is an Amano shrimp

  4. its mad af at that moss whatever it is

  5. There are three species if I recall that we colloquially know as amano shrimp.

    I’ve seen some with red spots, blue spots and completely brown. All from the same store and all in the same tank (At home).

    Kind of like ghost shrimp is a cloud term for a handful of American brackish shrimp.

  6. thats a neon tetra

  7. Looks amano-y to me.

  8. Some in a FB group i have joined told me its australian amano. I’ve search and some of the pics online is similar to this i’ve got.

  9. Sometimes they just get huge. I had a colossal 2.5 inch Amano shrimp that soloed the entire tank for multiple years.

  10. Looks just like my Amano.

  11. Looks like Caridina Typus or Australian Amano.

  12. Ah Amanos how I love you so…if only you weren’t 12 a pop at my lfs 🙁

  13. Yes

  14. Really truly Amano shrimp. This guy doesn’t lie

  15. How do I look, yellow man?

  16. What moss is that?

  17. The stripe makes it look like a wild neo at first but the spots are a dead giveaway that its an amano

  18. Indeed an Amano shrimp

  19. Yep. looks like an amano and is acting like an amano

  20. Only other thing i would guess would be a wisker shrimp…

  21. Mine steal the bottom wafers and fight the snails for it, it’s hilarious.

  22. It’s a lobster in a bad amano costume

  23. This is an imposter

  24. No it is not for me.
    And I’ve the same problem with my LFS, last bunch of amanos they received are not true amano.
    They really look like but they are not the Real Caredina multidentata/ japonica

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