Can I maintain cherry shrimp on this 1 gallon, and in that case what number of?

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  1. 5-10 shouldn’t be an issue, they will self regulate. Or you can get something simple like 3-4 amanos, they won’t be able to breed and then you can add in a snail like a nerite.

  2. It is recommended to keep maximum five cherries per gallon though some sources will say ten per gallon. Personally I vouch for five per gallon as not only will they breed, they also need space themselves. They are still living creatures who need to move around comfortably.

    Maybe you can even get six but you should start with just five and see how it goes.


    I will also recommend to add some more plants for hiding. I know you are probably going for a simplistic style, but perhaps some moss won’t hurt? There are all different types of mosses that you might find pleasant for your set up and your shrimp will adore you for it.

  3. I’d definitely think so. I’d personally go 1-2 males and 2 females to start off with. And just let them breed and they’ll sort their population out

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