Can I get anyone’s opinion? I obtained new shrimp in at this time & at first I assumed this one was simply pregnant however the…

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  1. Yes, that is definitely not eggs. I would check the automod’s link for possible treatments

  2. You might be asking about green feathery growth under a shrimp, likely Cladogonium ogishimae, a treatable parasitic algae, [see here for ID/treatment.](

    For future reference, the link is also listed in our pinned/sidebar post under Disease. (In past years we saw more Ellobiopsidae which was reasonably untreatable, unlike Clado.)

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  3. Definitely fungus. I would isolate and treat. I would also be reaching out to the source since you say you just got them today and let them know so that they can monitor the rest of their stock

  4. I’d isolate and quarantine that shrimp if you haven’t already.

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