Can betta fish reside with shrimp? 🦐 Will bettas eat shrimp?

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I’ll present you easy methods to hold bettas and shrimp collectively.
Will feminine bettas eat shrimp? Each female and male bettas can eat shrimp, generally feminine bettas are significantly better at catching them.
They’ll reside with cherry shrimp, blue dream shrimp, and different neocaridina colour varieties.

0:00 – Can betta fish reside with shrimp?
0:14 – Will bettas eat shrimp
1:06 – Can you retain betta fish and shrimp collectively?
1:32 – Add the shrimp to the betta tank FIRST
2:02 – How to decide on the proper betta for a shrimp tank?
2:37 – Learn how to add a betta fish to a shrimp tank
3:39 – easy methods to know if betta fish and shrimp are combating
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