1. And people get angry with people asking advice on this sub…

    This is exactly why people come here for answers

  2. You can but the rice fish will eat the baby shrimp. Most shrimp breeders keep no fish for this reason.

  3. you’re tellin’ me a shrimp fried this rice?!

  4. I have kept shrimp with rice fish before. They will eat baby shrimp. If you give them enough hiding spots and plants, your shrimp population will still grow.

  5. I read this to fast and thought it said “ can shrimp go with fried rice “

  6. It feels like no one is answering the question? THEY WILL EAT FISH EGGS. I’ve seen my cherry shrimp eat fish eggs. I’ve not had fish fry in my tank because my shrimp eat all the fish eggs.

  7. I’m not sure if I should even be commenting on this post (haven’t kept either species or eggs) but I’ve heard that you can use formalin +malachite green solution to ward off fungus, as well as methylene blue or copper sulfate. Is there a reason you want the 2 together?

  8. Only pure herbivorous shrimp won’t eat fish eggs.

    If you have Ghost Shrimp… good luck cause they’re (sometimes) cannibals and would eat anything given the chance.

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