Assist please! First time utilizing freeze dried shrimp, I had no concept how a lot would are available a bit of piece. I fed it to my…

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  1. I’m used to frozen treats for my fish. In my 90 gal tank I have 2 orandas and 5 nerite snails. I decided to try some out and pretty much all of it quickly sank through the overflow holes into the side of the tank and probably down into my sump/bio balls. I tried to get some out with a net. I do weekly water changes of at least 50 percent on Sunday. Should I put in ammo lock? Keep testing for ammonia? Water test right away? Not sure what to do here. I truly love all of my fish and care for them deeply, I feel awful for making this mistake…

  2. Get yourself a feeding ring for floating food if you have an overflow. It will help a lot.

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