Assist me decide. I initially needed to convey shrimp to work as a result of they’re approach cool and low upkeep however I…

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  1. 24 missed calls

  2. seems like both options are good but the shrimp may be better because you dont need to skip weekend feedings but the betta could go 2 days without feeding.

  3. Pros of betta at work. Water fountain parameters are good. He gets more interaction and I get to see him since he’s not in my daughters room. He seems more happy as well
    Cons. The security guard has to feed him on weekend. The substrate is a little rough for him
    Pros of shrimp.: low maintenance. Unusual and cooler. Accept colder temps so I don’t worry during power outages. No weekend feedings required.
    Con: need to bring pre-treated water to work

  4. That is almost identical to my Betta. I love the coloration on Copper Mustard Gas Bettas!
    I think you know my opinion now

  5. With a betta you will need to add a cover, they can jump. I would go for shrimps, easier maintenance, no feeding or water change needed.

  6. I just noticed poor Dick seems to be starting a case of pop eye, I’m going home to grab some tannin water. This is exactly why I need to keep him with me. lol my daughter doesn’t deserve fish. I just let her keep some because its an extra tank for me that I don’t have space for

  7. Did you paint the back glass?

  8. I got a spec V recently! It’s an awesome tank. Nice betta!

  9. Can you put leafs like that in there??

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