Assist! Each one in all my shrimp has been doing this since i did a water change yesterday. What’s taking place? Did i…

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  1. They all seem to be hanging at the surface, which is often a sign of oxygen depletion, you might want to run a bubbler if you’re going to use that stuff.

  2. I think (hope!) i fixed it by doing two bit water changes. They’ve gone back down and i notice them doing the shrimpy hands.

  3. What water conditioner, and how much? Some conditioners (like Prime) are also reducing agents and can affect oxygen levels. Prime is especially easy to overdose if you’re not use to using it because it’s super-concentrated and you only need 2 drops per gallon, whereas other water conditioners typically use tablespoon-sized doses.

  4. You should also turn that heater horizontal just in case your water level goes down below heater water level mark.

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