1. Those are bladder snails! Totally harmless, although prolific breeders and difficult to get rid of should they overpopulate. They only eat decaying plant matter and algae, so they shouldn’t harm your plants or shrimp.

  2. I have these guys in my planted tanks and they don’t overrun anything. If your plants and aquarium are healthy and you don’t overfeed, you won’t have an issue with them.

  3. They will eat the shrimp’s food, but as long as your shrimp don’t starve they are safe but annoying.

  4. Am I the only one that sees a cat face with two paws hanging down? The snails make the two eyes, that flake on the wood makes the ear, and the knot in the wood the nose.

  5. About 90% time I see people wondering what type of snail has magically appeared in their tank it’s a bladder snail. I had the same worry when one turned up in my tank after buying plants Once they get in, if you don’t want snails, take them out now because they will all of a sudden be everywhere as the eggs are hard to spot with them being see through. They’re all over the shot in my tank now.

  6. Is there white fluffy stuff growing on your drift wood by chance? I was wondering if you’ve seen the snails eating it at all? I got some ‘free’ bladder snails along the Java moss I bought a couple of weeks ago and I really don’t feel like pulling my driftwood out to scrub off the fluff like I’ve been told is the best way to deal with it. Kinda hoping either these guys or my nerite will eat fluff ;-;

  7. Good news! You now have an excuse to get assassin snails, which are very cute 😀

    Seriously do because otherwise your tank will be overrun with these guys in no time.

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